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Peter is now one of our house photographers. His strength is his inconspicuousness (unless he is blowing a cloud of smoke with his vapor cigarette between two clicks;)). I particularly enjoy his photos of small details: feet that jump at the same time, a frown or a wink. His photos also contain a lot of energy and action. This man knows his craft.
With a busy schedule and a full summer, we come across many photographers.
Mostly nice photos! But this summer with The Fools, we were very surprised by "hp photography".
The photos were so handsome and artistic that we asked them to put them in our own archive.
One thing is certain, when we need live photos, we already know the address of hp photography!
Highly recommended for everyone in the business.
Thank you Peter for the great photos! Because of the entire Fools team
I have come across Peter in so many stories. Every time he is ready to record our best side. Whether it is at the start of a new band or advertising for a larger event, he always provides the best photos. More and more I see photos appearing on social media with "HP Photography" at the bottom. Because of his many years of experience, he enjoys more and more prominence in Heist-op-den-Berg and the surrounding area. Peter has become a fixture in the live band circuit thanks to his enthusiasm, pleasant personality and great photos!​

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